Today in the city Kawela Bay 21.08.2017
Snake owner calls 911: 'I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face'

A snake owner placed a harrowing call to emergency services when her recent rescue wrapped itself around her neck and began biting her face.  "I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face," the woma...

Save the Bay Swimming Event Cancelled Due to Weather

Hazardous weather conditions have forced the cancellation of the annual Save the Bay swimming and kayaking event in Narragansett Bay.

What to buy (and skip) in August

Before you hit stores or the web for some end-of-summer shopping, here's your go-to guide for what to buy (and skip) in August.

Happy Birthday, Clara Bow! Here, a Look back at the Original It Girl

In honor of actress Clara Bow’s 112th birthday, a look back at the once ragged-dressed girl with the “carrot-top” hair.

Firefighters rescue Ohio woman entangled by boa constrictor

SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio woman called 911 in a panic Thursday afternoon with ample reason: A 5 1/2-foot long boa constrictor she had rescued a day earlier had wrapped itself around her neck...

Woman Calls 911 After Boa Constrictor Wraps Around Her Head, Bites Her Nose: 'There's Blood Everywhere'

The panicked 45-year-old woman called 911 for help, telling the dispatcher "I have a boa constrictor stuck to my, my face."

ISIS Sympathizer Wanted to Kill Thousands, U.S. Says

Prosecutors said Amer Sinan Alhaggagi planned to kill 10,000 people by blowing up gay nightclubs, bombing UC Berkeley's campus and selling poison-laced drugs.

Watch Trump tell 30,000 Boy Scouts about a hot Manhattan cocktail party he attended 30 years ago

President Trump's speech to the quadrennial Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia on Monday was not traditional Boy Scouts fare. Amid recounting his electoral victory, calling for the repeal of the Affo...

Someone Just Discovered This Kool-Aid Bottle Trick & The Internet Is Shook

There are a few ways to prove that you’re a true '90s kid. You should be able to quote obscure lines from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies or craft a clever defense for either *NSYNC or the Backstree...

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